Public company  ‚Vilniaus Žirmūnai Labour Market Training Centre ‘ Started it‘s activity in 1986. Taking into account the situation of the labour market and it‘s need, the Centre provides trainee according to the demanded by the market study programmes, modifies skills, helps to improve skills and acquire new qualifications, implements acknowledgement of qualifications gained in the course of informal education and self- education, and provides trainee in the frame of apprenticeship. It also carries out trainee according to the competence coachers, primary vocational training, ECDL courses and delivers lectures for public employees. Distinguished by a prompt response to the presses of the labour market prompt response to the processes of the labour market fluctuations, the trainee Centre stands as the leader in the field of service provision. The high quality of the services provided by the Centre is ensured by;

  • Strong material/ technical basis
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Experience and competence
  • Co-operation with social partners in Lithuania and abroad
  • Participation in the international projects, expositions, social events, ect.

Since 1994, the centre has been actively participating in the Phare and Leonardo da Vinci programmes. It also submits applications for the support from the European Union structural funds, The Centre co-operates with the partners from Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, German, ect. It also maintains and expands social relations with VPPAR, LATIA, TMCA,LVRA, LVDK, LPK other associations and partnerships.       

The contents off all the study programmes consists of both theoretical and practical training. Theoretical training for particular with the required modern equipment and methodological material for lecturing and studying.

Also for practical training, the Centre provides with two hairdressers, a manicure salon, a pedicure salon, two rooms for modelling and sewing clothes, a massage study, a cafe and a hotel.

Moreover, the students fulfil practical training in the enterprises in Vilnius, for example  hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centres,  tourism and traveling agencies, medical treatment institutions, rehabilitation centres, sewing enterprises , as well as other manufacturing enterprises and commercial organisations. During practical training, under the supervision of the experienced specialists, the students have all possibilities required for smooth operation of modern technological equipment and inventories by applying most advanced technologies.

Upon the completion of the training programme and acquisition of a particular qualification, the students are awarded a diploma confirming occupational training or certificates attesting informal training.

Over the time period of one year, the Centre provides with professional qualifications, re-qualification and informal training programmes 3000 students, who, upon the competition of the training programmes, successfully integrate themselves into the labour market. While expanding its activities the training Centre establishes a branch Druskininkai (1994), and two divisions – in Pakruojis (1997) ana Zarasai (2000). The training Centre trains of the following competences:

Business and administrations:

  • Commerce;
  • IT technologies;
  • Hotels and tourism;
  • Catering;
  • Hairdresser‘s and beauty salon;
  • Sewing and modelling;
  • Social services;
  • Health care;
  • Building and construction